Newport and Seal Rock, Oregon

“If you are lucky enough to have a house by the beach, You are lucky enough.” I don’t know the origin of that saying, but it is on a plaque that hangs in one of my favorite places-the beach house at Seal Rock. We are fortunate enough to have access to a lovely cabin on the beach at Seal Rock. It seems like we used … Continue reading Newport and Seal Rock, Oregon

Eastern Oregon Ghost Town Tour

This year, on our 16th wedding anniversary, Norman and I moved our youngest into her college dormitory and became empty-nesters! This kicked off a 7 day Eastern Oregon road trip that began with 3 days camping with family on BLM land near Fort Rock, and ended with a tour of Oregon ghost towns. I had read articles on,, and about a ghost … Continue reading Eastern Oregon Ghost Town Tour

Cooking on the Campfire

In an earlier post (Glamping Meal Planning), I had talked about how much I love cooking, but sometimes wish I was outside with everyone else. This trip was a perfect opportunity to try my hand at cooking on the campfire. It was not yet wildfire season, so we were still allowed a campfire, and our campground was without water and electric hookups, so I really … Continue reading Cooking on the Campfire

Happy Anniversary, Love

For our 15th wedding anniversary, we went on the Spirit of Portland Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Columbia River. It was an awesome experience! I was nervous about it not only because it was pouring down rain and cloudy all day, but also because I sometimes have crippling anxiety and since I had never been on a large boat, I had no idea how I … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Love