Sunny Las Vegas Strip Skyline

What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2

Surviving Las Vegas Well, we survived our first day in Las Vegas! A few surprises, a few laughs and a few cocktails later, we’re ready for day 2! We enjoyed a quick, light room service breakfast of coffee and fruit then joined Kim and Aaron for a brunch and cocktails at Tom’s Urban, inside our hotel. After laughing over our meals about the previous days … Continue reading What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2

Happy Anniversary, Love

For our 15th wedding anniversary, we went on the Spirit of Portland Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Columbia River. It was an awesome experience! I was nervous about it not only because it was pouring down rain and cloudy all day, but also because I sometimes have crippling anxiety and since I had never been on a large boat, I had no idea how I … Continue reading Happy Anniversary, Love