Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 2021

The Slaters attend their first Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel and share the experienceof polka, Bavarian foods, traditional attire and beer with you. Continue reading Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 2021

Gluten Free Glamping Meal Prep

Gluten Free Meals While Glamping When we are preparing for a trip, I like to plan our menu and prepare as much of the meals ahead of time as I can. I have Celiac Disease so gluten free glamping meals are a must. What I plan for meals depends on if we are going to have water and electric hookups. It also depends on what … Continue reading Gluten Free Glamping Meal Prep

Carter Lake, Oregon

Glamping with a side of chaos Our trips are typically a grand comedy of errors and this was no exception! From the moment we arrived at the campground to heading home, the fun came with a serving of chaos. Initially we debated a day trip to check out the campground, since we had never been there before, but we decided against it because “We’re going … Continue reading Carter Lake, Oregon