Sunny Winter Weekend on the Oregon Coast

Sunny Winter Weekend on the Oregon Coast Our first adventure of 2022 was a slightly spontaneous adventure to the beach house at Seal Rock. When we discovered we could abandon the January rain and chill in the valley for an unseasonably sunny and warm winter weekend on the Oregon coast, we couldn’t pass it up! Plans For No Plans Our initial plan was to have … Continue reading Sunny Winter Weekend on the Oregon Coast

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Florence, Oregon Wine and Chowder Trail

February 18-20, 2022 This was our first time experiencing the Florence Wine and Chowder Trail. Many of the people we met and chatted with had been many times and I can see why! Even though there was an occasional rain, everyone was in good spirits, having a great time. I hadn’t heard of this event, but luckily our favorite traveling buddies, Aaron and Kim Boals … Continue reading Florence, Oregon Wine and Chowder Trail

Groundbreaker Brewery

Brewery Side-Quest Recently, we were in Portland for a day to get the ball rolling on our long overdue kitchen remodel. That did not turn out as expected, but our side quest to Groundbreaker Brewery and Gastropub was a delight that made it all worthwhile. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just a couple years ago, adapting is a challenge. I miss beer. I especially … Continue reading Groundbreaker Brewery

Sunny Las Vegas Strip Skyline

What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2

Surviving Las Vegas Well, we survived our first day in Las Vegas! A few surprises, a few laughs and a few cocktails later, we’re ready for day 2! We enjoyed a quick, light room service breakfast of coffee and fruit then joined Kim and Aaron for a brunch and cocktails at Tom’s Urban, inside our hotel. After laughing over our meals about the previous days … Continue reading What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2

Gluten Free Glamping Meal Prep

Gluten Free Meals While Glamping When we are preparing for a trip, I like to plan our menu and prepare as much of the meals ahead of time as I can. I have Celiac Disease so gluten free glamping meals are a must. What I plan for meals depends on if we are going to have water and electric hookups. It also depends on what … Continue reading Gluten Free Glamping Meal Prep