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We are Norman and April Slater, a
couple of nerds that love adventure! We travel for concerts, events and camping, and especially love to travel in our RV –
or as I like to call it – our vacation home anywhere! We have two grown daughters that occasionally accompany us on our trips, and three dogs.

We have been friends since high school and happily married for over 16 years. Our love of the outdoors and RV lifestyle inspired us to create this blog to share our experiences with you, since we can’t take you all along!

The Man. The Beard. The Legend. Norman is a little bit punk, heavy metal and pop. He works full-time as an electrician. Outside of our adventures, his hobbies include video gaming and target shooting.

April is a little bit punk, soul, rockabilly and rock and roll. She works full-time as a tattoo artist and owns her own studio. April’s hobbies outside of glamping include drawing, painting, writing and cooking.

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