We’ve Got Game

Introducing Slater Days Gaming

Video games have been a large part of our lives, growing up in an era that saw the invention of personal computers and the Atari. From Pong to Asteroids, Pac-Man to Mario Brothers, we have been playing since the very beginning.

I have now set out to prove my parents wrong by (hopefully) making a few bucks playing video games. This isn’t a new idea and I know I’m not the first. I have recently discovered Project Zomboid and am infatuated. I was excited that there is now a multiplayer function and purchased enough copies for my lovely wife and daughters. I was a bit ambitious, they didn’t want to play. So I am going to share my adventures with you!

I like the zombie lore, the crafting and the vast online community and I am having a blast sharing my experiences as I attempt to survive a zombie infested land. Follow me as I share what works – and what doesn’t – in this SIMS-like simulation. As always, happy gaming!

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