Gingerbread Village

Old World Gingerbread Village Highway 126 Mapleton Oregon
A tasty piece of history

A Family Tradition

When we drive home from the coast on HWY 126, we pass the Old World Gingerbread Village in Mapleton, Oregon. Every time we drive by, Norman gets nostalgic and shares stories of stopping there when he was a kid. Every time we drive by, I suggest we stop for some tasty gingerbread. I didn’t grow up with many traditions, and I am perfectly o.k. with adopting his. Norman has always decided not to stop because “It wouldn’t be fair, you probably can’t have anything on the menu.”


On our way home from one coastal getaway, I finally talked Norman into stopping. He was right. There wasn’t anything on the menu that was gluten free, but that didn’t bother me at all. I was enthralled with the charming restaurant and gift shop. Norman ordered his childhood favorite, warm gingerbread ala mode, and devoured it joyfully.


Get Some

They were surprisingly busy for Covid Pandemic times, but everyone was very friendly and helpful. If you are traveling on HWY 126, stop in and give yourself a treat! I am happy to have had an opportunity to share in this family tradition with Norman, and will look forward to future stops at the Gingerbread Village. And remember Happy Glamping!

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