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Brewery Side-Quest

Recently, we were in Portland for a day to get the ball rolling on our long overdue kitchen remodel. That did not turn out as expected, but our side quest to Groundbreaker Brewery and Gastropub was a delight that made it all worthwhile. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just a couple years ago, adapting is a challenge. I miss beer. I especially miss a rich, dark beer. I had heard of Groundbreaker before but hadn’t had an opportunity to visit. Then Covid happened and everything has been shut down. Fortunately, we were able to schedule a tasting for that afternoon!

Dedicated and Certified

I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who helped us out, he was so friendly and helpful. Sadly, I even checked our email chain for his name, but to no avail. Normally, there would’ve been a tour, but we just wandered around looking at the equipment. I could barely contain my excitement!

Groundbreaker Brewery and Gastropub is dedicated and certified gluten free. The eatery has a gluten free menu as well, but was closed because of the Covid pandemic. Norman had an Amber Lager and proclaimed it “The best amber beer I have had in years!” I started with a taste of the Dark Ale. Loved it. Next, I tasted the Cantankerous Stout and Paddy Porter. All delicious. Wrapped it up with a taste of the Mellow Meridian and the Ollalie. They were all so good I couldn’t decide what to take home! So we bought a case of each. Now I will have a beer to crack open next time we are sitting around the camp fire!

Gluten Free

You can read a little about how I prepare gluten free meals for Glamping and in the a future post, I will share my gluten free beer batter recipe! In the meantime, Happy Glamping!

groundbreaker brewery gluten free beer haul

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