Traveling Without the RV

The RV is in the shop for repairs (remember that time Norm backed under a tree that broke the bathroom vent off?) and we’ve got cabin fever! So we’re traveling without the RV! Where to go, what to do! Our list of places we want to go is sooooo long. Now we have waited so long to plan anything that our schedules will only allow for a Friday to Sunday trip. So, where can we go when traveling without the RV that won’t take too long to reach our destination, and what can we do that is COVID safe?

Sightseeing Road Trip

Traveling without the RV-April and Norman on a sightseeing road trip
The Roaming Slaters on a sightseeing road trip.

Our first thought was a sightseeing road trip. I love my new car and would be thrilled to take a road trip in it. We have a ton of Oregon destinations on our list of places to go as well. We considered a waterfall tour, but that is something best saved for a Spring or Fall adventure. Winter is just too cold for our tastes. We considered a trip to Astoria, but after much thought, decided we wanted a longer trip to do that. There is too much sightseeing to be done for just one full day adventure. As we debated and ruled out so many ideas – mostly because they were trips we would prefer to have four or more days to enjoy – we remembered that we had airline credits that were about to expire. This opened up another plethora of options!

The view from our airplane window.
I have grown to absolutely love flying!

Where to go, What to do?

Air traveling without the RV. Now we had to weigh so many more options! Boston? Need more time. Florida? Need more time. Nashville? Need more time. San Antonio? Need more time. When Norman suggested Las Vegas I thought he was teasing. We used to go to Las Vegas regularly with friends, but Norman has never cared much for Vegas. Once we opened our own business, opportunities to leave for a few days have been far between. This put Las Vegas at the bottom of the list- not to mention how many times he has mentioned specifically not wanting to go back.

Leaving for Las Vegas!

I love Las Vegas! I love the sounds, the sights, the restaurants and the shopping. O.k., I love the gambling and the nightlife too! Of course I’m going to say yes to a trip to Las Vegas, after making sure Norman wasn’t pulling my leg. We made a cursory visit to to make sure it was safe to visit, then took the plunge and booked our adventure! Of course we invited the Boals’ to join us – we almost always share our trips with them! Sadly, they declined this time. We collected all our favorite traveling gear and prepared to head out.

Mr. Roaming Slater, my favorite travel accessory!
My favorite travel accessory! Mr. Roaming Slater

Important travel accessories

When we are traveling in the RV, which is most of the time, little thought goes in to what to bring because I have plenty of storage and no baggage fees! When traveling without the RV, especially when flying, I have learned that it is important to pack only as much as you can carry on (unless you are going somewhere for an extended trip and will be there long enough for your luggage to find you!) and a few items to insure comfort even for a short flight. So many times I have wished my carry on luggage had spinner wheels, and a cupholder and a phone charger. When I went to Las Vegas in 2019 for a convention, I finally took the plunge and bought new luggage, pictured below. This one has a cupholder and a pocket inside for your backup charger. A neck pillow and blankie are also necessities, I like these because they attach to my suitcase.


Flight is booked, hotel is booked, dinner reservations are made- and we’re off! Keep an eye out for all the exciting details of our trip and in the meantime- HAPPY GLAMPING!

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