Gluten Free Glamping Meal Prep

glamping with gluten free fajitas and salad
Gluten Free Fajitas and Salad

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Gluten Free Meals While Glamping

When we are preparing for a trip, I like to plan our menu and prepare as much of the meals ahead of time as I can. I have Celiac Disease so gluten free glamping meals are a must. What I plan for meals depends on if we are going to have water and electric hookups. It also depends on what we have in the cupboards at home. When we first started out RV-ing, we would just pull the RV up to the grocery store on our way out of town and stock up the cupboards and refrigerator with whatever we thought sounded like “camping” food at the time. We always forgot something and were drastically under or over prepared.

Since starting out, I feel like I have mastered the art of planning gluten free meals while glamping. Now, I take a quick inventory of the cupboards and freezer at home and write down meal ideas on sticky notes. I use my handy Glamping Menu Planner to move the sticky notes around until I have found the most practical arrangement for minimizing work and waste. Once I feel I have finalized the order of meals, I fill in the planner with a pen- I don’t want to lose a sticky note!

a sample menu planner for gluten free glamping meals
A sample of my menu planner

Gluten Free Menu Planning

It might seem like overkill, but once I have the menu decided, I make a shopping list that includes even the ingredients that we already have at home. These items don’t get crossed off the list until they are absolutely, positively put away in the RV. I rarely miss an ingredient these days, although I did manage to forget the corn tortillas that are a staple of any week’s menu in our house.

April preparing gluten free meatballs for glamping
Not quite glamorous in the kitchen.
April forming gluten free meatballs for glamping.
Forming basic gluten-free meatballs for use in a variety of dishes – an especially easy glamping meal!

Gluten Free and Homemade

Our menus seldom include typical camping fare like hamburgers and hot dogs. For example, on this trip  our dinners included BBQ pork sandwiches with coleslaw, beef fajitas, and Asian meatballs. Pre-trip prep was minimal as well. A few nights before we were leaving, I made a large batch of my Gluten Free Basic Meatballs for dinner. I froze half of them in a round container so that they could easily be placed in my round RV crockpot when it was time to enjoy them. I planned the meatballs for our final dinner while there. If I prepared too much food over the weekend, they could stay frozen if we didn’t need them.

On the night before we left home, I put a pork butt in the crockpot with my homemade BBQ rib rub and it was tender and ready to shred and pack in the morning. I made a quick coleslaw dressing and picked up a pack of shredded cabbage at the grocery store when we stopped for ice. I also like to plan meals that can be re-purposed into a breakfast dish to minimize food waste and maximize our limited food storage in the RV. With the leftovers from fajita night I made what I am calling “fajitaquiles” for breakfast, chilaquiles with a twist!

Fajita dinner
Preparing leftover fajita breakfast

Want to Know More about Glamping and Meal Prep?

Ok. I know I am not a great photographer or food stylist, but these meals were delicious! I plan to eventually include my gluten free glamping recipes with each menu post. If you want to read more about my planning process you can read my post: Glamping Meal Planning. If you want to be first to know when the recipes and menu planner are available, click on the link to subscribe. Until then, Happy Glamping!

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