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This year is whack. “Crazy” or some other synonym seems so inadequate. I saw a meme that said you could replace swear words with “2020” and it would make perfect sense. What the 2020?! It works. There is civil unrest, social injustice and a global pandemic. I don’t want to sound shallow, but this kinda rules out going out on the town to flaunt my Halloween costume. Also- this isn’t a social/civil commentary blog. If you’re looking for that, sorry. You can find that on my other blog, “I don’t give a 2020”. Just kidding, I only want to share what makes me happy and leave all that other stuff out.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love any excuse to dress in costume and eat candy. Since I won’t have any exciting new event to post about this Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my favorite costumes of Halloweens past. Or at least the ones I have readily accessible photos of.

Pekingese in devil horns for Halloween
Fumanchu “Chewie” as himself.

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Kim and Aaron usually throw a big Halloween bash, we look forward to it all year! Kim’s holiday decor puts Hobby Lobby to shame. Sadly, there was no big party this year- but here’s a glimpse of some of her amazing holiday decor!

Rhiannon as a Spooky Bride was a bit of a compromise, she wanted to be The Corpse Bride, but with no blue face paint, or any of the other accoutrements. I had made her a black bouquet and even a crochet green maggot friend to pin in her hair near her ear. She just couldn’t do it, too creepy. Her own creation, the Statue of Liberty costume, was fantastic! She glued pieces of colored construction paper into a cone to resemble a torch, added a gold foil birthday party crown, a white bed sheet and a book and voila!

Gwynneth’s Zombie costume was so easy and fun! We just cut up some clothes she didn’t wear anymore, spread them with some fake blood, and colored her face with an eyeshadow pallet. Neither of my girls were into greasy Halloween face paint.

Easy DIY Child Zombie costume
Zombie Gwynneth was the best!

Norman’s Weatherman costume was a slightly less simple DIY, but one of my faves! We put dollar store pipe cleaners in his tie to make it float like the wind was blowing it fiercely to the side, put A LOT of hairspray in his hair and beard to make it stick out to the side, and added a label that said “WTFN WEATHER” on a dollar store echo microphone hat we had spray painted black.

Both of these easy DIY costumes won contests- the Sims one was even at a pirate themed costume party! The Sim-bob is made from printed and folded cardstock, glued to a small spring, glued to a headband. The Sim communication bubbles were printed on cardstock, cut out and glued to wooden skewers. We each had one with two sides. Normans had a heart on one side and a cheeseburger on the other, while mine had a beer on one side and a cigarette on the other. Between the two of us, we had all of our communications needs covered!

I made this Voo-Doo Doll costume from an XXL white tee shirt, a piece of red felt, a headband, and some wooden BBQ skewers with wooden macrame beads glued to the ends. There was a piece of florists foam under the red heart to keep the “pins” upright. Norman’s costume was inspired by the movie “The Serpent and the Rainbow.” He pulled that one off all by himself!

DIY voo doo couple costume for Halloween
Who do voodoo

The Lunch Lady was probably one of my all-time favorites. A little less DIY than usual, but definitely self assembled. The perfect blue dress was actually part of a “Double R Diner” waitress costume (bonus points if you know the reference), topped with an apron, curly grey wig ( I did have a hairnet but I was having too much fun in those bouncy curls to tie them down!), a lunch tray with toy food glued on, and outdated make-up fashion to finish out the look. SHOP similar look: wig and accessories, dress, apron, food,

DIY Lunch Lady Halloween Costume
April in Lunch Lady land

Well, here’s to hoping Halloween 2021 lets us get out and show off again, I’ve got so many great ideas brewing! In the meantime, stay safe and Happy Halloween DIY!

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