Glamping Meal Planning

Preparing foil-wrapped baby potatoes for the campfire
Preparing foil-wrapped potatoes

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I love that my RV has a fully functional kitchen- hot running water and a stove – but I don’t want to be trapped inside cooking when everyone else is outside playing! I always plan our meals, snacks and drinks ahead of time to save money and prevent waste. Sometimes I do all or most of the preparation before we hit the road too, but it depends a lot on if our crazy lives allow time for it. Since we are usually going for a three or four day trip, I use a four column, four row chart for meal planning. I try to plan meals that have variety while also using the same ingredients. For example, if we have tacos for dinner we may have Spanish omelet or juevos rancheros for breakfast the following morning. We have to make a couple of allergy considerations when meal planning because I have celiac disease and Norman is allergic to a few things- sadly, this includes cilantro. Meal planning changes depending on if we are camping with electricity and running water. When we don’t have these amenities I do as much prep ahead as possible and plan meals that use the fewest dishes. For example, our upcoming trip has no amenities, so we are going to cook foil pack meals over the fire, and use our pie irons for cooking breakfasts. I have never used a pie iron, so this should be fun! I always look through our freezer and cupboards to see what we can use for our meals rather than buying a ton of junk food at the grocery store on the way out. I do tend to pick up a couple treats for the road though! Just because we are camping doesn’t mean we have to have hot dogs and hamburgers either. For this trip, I’m thinking balsamic glazed pork loin with fresh broccoli and baby potatoes, and honey garlic salmon and asparagus for our dinners. I generally prepare a late breakfast and a light snack for lunch. Otherwise I would be spending the entire time cooking and cleaning. Lunches are fend for yourself when we’re camping! Soon I will share my meal planning charts. For now, I’ve got to get busy with my meal prep- we’re hitting the road in the morning! Happy Glamping!

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