Where It All Began

When Norman and I first started dating over twenty years ago, I considered myself a die-hard tent camper. Camping was not something my family did regularly growing up, so my twin sister and I took up camping with our best friend and her family when we were in high school. This was a wonderful escape from our daily lives and as we got older we … Continue reading Where It All Began

Florence Wine and Chowder Trail

February 18-20, 2022 This was our first time experiencing the Florence Wine and Chowder Trail. Many of the people we met and chatted with had been many times and I can see why! Even though there was an occasional rain, everyone was in good spirits, having a great time. I hadn’t heard of this event, but luckily our favorite traveling buddy Kim Boals did. We … Continue reading Florence Wine and Chowder Trail

Crafting a Paper House

Crafting a paper house, or Putz house village has been on my mind for awhile. We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, thanks to a global pandemic. But that hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing. I’ve really enjoyed spending more time on creative endeavors and trying new things, while Norman has really enjoyed spending more time on gaming. One of the … Continue reading Crafting a Paper House

Groundbreaker Brewery

Brewery Side-Quest Recently, we were in Portland for a day to get the ball rolling on our long overdue kitchen remodel. That did not turn out as expected, but our side quest to Groundbreaker Brewery and Gastropub was a delight that made it all worthwhile. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just a couple years ago, adapting is a challenge. I miss beer. I especially … Continue reading Groundbreaker Brewery

Sunny Las Vegas Strip Skyline

What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2

Surviving Las Vegas Well, we survived our first day in Las Vegas! A few surprises, a few laughs and a few cocktails later, we’re ready for day 2! We enjoyed a quick, light room service breakfast of coffee and fruit then joined Kim and Aaron for a brunch and cocktails at Tom’s Urban, inside our hotel. After laughing over our meals about the previous days … Continue reading What Happens in Las Vegas… Day 2